In IELTS Drive, Online IELTS Listening test you have about 30 minutes, and you also have an extra 10 min. to transfer your answers to your IELTS Listening answer sheet.

The 4 components of this IELTS Practice Test of Listening take a look at are offered over 4 separate net pages. Make positive you circulate rapidly from one web page to the following in order that your exercise is as sensible as possible.

Download the question paper and blank answer sheet before you start your paper, and write your questions answers on the question paper while you are listening to the test. Use a pencil.

Listen carefully to the test instructions for each section. Answer all of the questions carefully. There are 40 questions answered. Every question contains one mark.

For every part of the check, there can be time so that you can glance through the questions and time for you to test your solutions. When you’ve finished all 4 elements of the Listening check you may have ten mins to duplicate your solutions directly to a separate solution sheet.

We could make unique preparations to take a look at takers with disabilities. If you require a changed model of the take a look at, for example, in Braille, touch your take a look at center 3 months earlier to talk about your requirements.

Instructions to test takers

In the actual test you will be given the following instructions:

  • Do now no longer open this query paper till you’re advised to do so
  • Write your call and candidate quantity withinside the areas on the pinnacle of this page
  • listen all the test instructions for each of the section of the paper carefully
  • answer all of the questions.
  • While you are listening to the test, write your answers on the question paper.
  • you may have 10 mins on the quit of the check to replicate your solutions onto the separate solution sheet; use a pencil

At the end of the test you will be asked to hand in the question paper.

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